Reno Tips for a DREAM Kitchen

feature image for top reno tips for a dream kitchen

Designing a dream kitchen all comes down to the planning and design stage. By creating the best layout to suit your needs with maximum functionality and some essential elements, your dream kitchen renovation will last for years to come.

Consider these tips for creating your DREAM kitchen.


Kitchen Layouts

The kitchen layout is all about functionality and movement within the space. It’s essential to have sufficient space to cook, clean, and entertain. Standard kitchen layouts are one wall, galley, L-shape, and U-shaped. A larger kitchen can have a peninsula or an island for additional storage, counter space, and eating area. A good rule of thumb is to not put two workstations back-to-back and ensure your appliances can fully open without blocking or bumping into cupboards.



Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Layout
One wall kitchen layout with island and breakfast area
Modern Kitchen Design
EVP or LVP are great flooring options for open concept design

The best choice for kitchen flooring is porcelain tile. It comes in an infinite array of colours, patterns, finishes and is durable, waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Porcelain tile is tougher than ceramic. Natural stone is another great option however it has a higher price tag and requires regular sealing and maintenance.


Engineered vinyl planks (EVP) and laminate vinyl planks (LVP) are also excellent choices, especially if you like the look of natural hardwood or stone as it does a great job of mimicking the real thing. They are both extremely durable, water and scratch-resistant, and relatively easy to install. This is a popular budget-friendly choice on many of our projects.


Engineered hardwood is another option, but long-term water exposure will damage them. Reclaimed, recycled, and environmentally sustainable choices are popular for hardwood flooring. And finally, cork is another excellent flooring alternative and comes from a sustainable source and is water-resistant.



Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Island Design
Layered lighting with recessed lights, chandeliers, and pendants

The ideal lighting for kitchens, like many other rooms, is layering. Use overhead lights like track or pot lights, pendants over breakfast niches or tables, under cabinet and counter lighting, even floor lighting adds a nice touch.



Ventilation Needs

Kitchen Cabinet Range Hood Stainless Steel
A good exhaust fan or hood range will get rid of moisture and help remove cooking aromas

We generate a lot of moisture and steam from cooking, the dishwater, and hand washing dishes. A good exhaust fan or hood range will get rid of moisture and help remove cooking aromas. The most important thing about a hood range is that it is ducted and exhausts to the outdoors – not into a wall cavity or your attic. Regular cleaning or replacing filters is also a must.


Electrical Work

Power plug Design
Renovating your kitchen allows you to customize it to your needs, including the location of electrical outlets

It’s vital to work with a licensed electrical contractor when doing any electrical work. The beauty of redesigning your kitchen allows you to customize it to your needs, which means adding plugs, even smart plugs in areas that are the most logical to you. If you love kitchen gadgets, then you may need more electrical outlets and storage.



Kitchen Sinks

kitchen sink Design
Large single basin sinks are great for busy kitchens

Double or single sink, under-mount sinks with no rim are easy to clean and, drop-ins are easy to replace. Kitchen sinks can become focal points or can blend seamlessly into the space. If you have a big family or like cooking and entertaining, you’ll probably want an extra-large sink – others love double sinks – or consider adding a secondary sink or bar sink to an island or a prep area for convenience.



Hire a Designer

small kitchen sketch Design
Designer’s 3d rendering and sketches


Designers make your work so much easier.  They will work with you to incorporate kitchen design principles, and help you design a space that works best for you. Designers know what’s on-trend, help you to bring your vision to reality, and navigate the sea of options.

The Intelligent Design team is here to answer any of your renovation questions. Whether you are having a hard time deciding on what your new kitchen should look like or considering a refresh of your existing kitchen, call us. We can support you with every aspect of your renovation from choosing the best color theme, finishes, fixtures, and even finding the best appliances to make your DREAM kitchen a reality.