The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

Kitchen Interior Design with Cabinets

New Casual Open Kitchens

Today’s homes are becoming more casual, with the kitchen serving as a home’s focal point. Modern, larger, more open concept kitchens now incorporate natural flow for comings and goings, larger tables, and islands. This is especially true for larger families because the kitchen now includes a dining area or breakfast niche and connects to a sitting or living room. It’s where morning craziness happens; family dinners, baking, homework, and late-night snacks all come together. 

Homes with Small Enclosed Kitchens

Kitchen with Island
New countertops can provide a needed fresh to an existing kitchen.

For those living in older homes, you may find the kitchen small and enclosed, and separate from the rest of the living space. You may be considering an upgrade to modernize your existing kitchen or are contemplating blowing out a wall to make it more open and accessible to the rest of the living space, painting your cabinets, upgrading countertops, or changing up the flooring.

Check out our Finch Avenue project, where we blew out a wall to achieve a more open feel. However, it was a load-bearing wall, so we cleverly incorporated columns to maintain the structure’s integrity while creating an openness to the space. If you aren’t ready for a complete kitchen upgrade, consider painting the cabinets or replacing the floor for a new look. Porcelain tile or luxury vinyl plank flooring are great options for high-traffic kitchens.

open concept kitchen
Wooden columns maintain the structure’s integrity while allowing for openness.

Modern Kitchens Contain Dining Areas

Open concept kitchen, breakfast bar, dining and living area
Open concept kitchen, breakfast bar, dining, and living area are great for busy families.

Those who enjoy cooking and entertaining regard the kitchen as a significant area that adds to family life, even if it isn’t large enough for extras. Many modern kitchens contain a dining area that is large enough for 4 to 6 people. Some kitchens are large enough to include a sitting or lounge area where family members can gather while cooking, working, or relaxing. Circular tables are popular or built-in banquets. If your space cannot accommodate a dining area, incorporating a breakfast niche or bar in a kitchen island is an excellent addition for smaller families.

Updated Kitchens Add Value

An updated kitchen adds value to your home.

Upgrading your kitchen can result in more personal enjoyment of your space and better resale value. Most real estate agents agree that an upgraded kitchen significantly impacts the resale value. According to a recent Remodeling magazine report, a small kitchen project earns more than 83% return on investment. With homeowners desiring a newer, sleeker, and more modern kitchen, the demand for existing kitchens to be remodeled is growing.

However, it’s not all about aesthetics, the importance of the layout and functionality cannot be overstated. Before you embark on your remodel, consider the design and how you will move around the space when cooking, cleaning, or entertaining.

Cooking, sharing, and passing down recipes from generation to generation are integral parts of our cultures and traditions. Many of these traditions center around the kitchen – the heart of the home. 

Whether your kitchen is big or small, our team of experts can help bring new life into your kitchen with a simple refresh or a complete remodel, so give us a call. We will help you every step of the process by providing stress-free renovations.