5 Unique Tips to Create the Ultimate Home Spa

Natural Light Bathroom Design

Summertime is almost here and it is the perfect time to renovate or upgrade your home. One of the most common rooms our clients want to renovate is the bathroom. You can breathe new life into a bathroom with simple changes, like changing the paint color, adding an accent wall, or switching out your light fixtures, but what if you wanted to create a unique home bathroom spa? Consider these 5 unique tips to create the ultimate home spa and contact our designer team to help you make your home spa a reality.


Tip #1 – Add Natural Elements

plants and live-plant wall add nature to your home spa

Bring nature into the space with house plants or fresh-cut flowers. Plants have a unique way of making a room feel more inviting and sophisticated. Consider plants, like succulents or air plants for an easy-to-care spa-like feeling. Air plants, like Tillandsia, can even be added to a shower area in translucent suction cups for a unique touch. Also, several potted, hanging plants, or even a live wall could completely transform and transport you to your happy place. Plants not only bring in natural elements but also help improve indoor air quality. Choosing other natural products, like wood and stone, and paints and varnishes, with no or low-VOCs, are more eco-friendly options too.


Tip #2 – Add Calming Sensory Sounds

water fountain with ripples of water

For a total escape from the stress of everyday life add calming sensory sounds to your unique home spas. Download soundtracks of crashing ocean waves, babbling brooks, or the patter of gentle rain. Consider installing a high-tech sound system or add a home automated wireless speaker. Another way to create the calming effect of moving water is to install an indoor water fountain. No matter what you choose to add to your home spa, make sure you choose sounds that you love and will help create a calming environment.


Tip #3 – Add Natural Light

big windows and natural light

Lighting is vital to creating a relaxing home spa. As always, take advantage of as much natural light with large windows or skylights as possible and supplement with other light sources. Make sure you have lights on dimmers so you can adjust the light to your liking.  Our design team will work with you to create the right balance by incorporating, natural light, different fixtures, and lighting types for your perfect bathroom home spa.


Tip #4 – Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

designer mood board helps visualize home spa

Not all bathrooms must use white or neutral tones to create a soothing spa-like feel. Consider using soft greens, grays, blues and even muted purples can create a healing and calming effect. Our designers work with you to create the perfect mood board that reflects your style and personality. The best thing about mood boards is that it really helps you visualize your vision before any work begins.


Tip #5 – Add a Sauna for Real Luxury

sauna in bathroom adds luxury

Adding a home sauna would be the ultimate addition to your bathroom home spa. There are 3 main types of saunas: infrared saunas, wood-burning saunas, and electric-heated saunas. Wood brings a natural calming effect to any room and a number of woods can be used to build your sauna.  Cedar is very popular due to its colour and being naturally durable and resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Other woods can also be used as well, like eucalyptus, pine, alder, or aspen. If you are considering a wet or steam sauna, then use tile or stone, as they generate a large amount of humidity. Also, keep in mind, no matter what type of sauna you choose we will ensure the installation and ventilation are done correctly so your investment will be protected for years to come.

When designing your perfect home spa, consider incorporating one or more of these 5 unique home spa design tips to create a home spa. In addition, our 3D designs are a fantastic way to help our clients visual their renovation dream before any demo commences and is an integral part of our process.

No matter how you visualize your home spa our designers will be there every step of the way to ensure you get a well-functioning space with all the rewards it can bring!

To make your home spa into a reality contact our team today to book a consultation.

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