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We strive to give our clients the best renovations by helping them to create spaces that reflect their life and styles. We make it easy by taking care of the whole process from the beginning of planning until the project is finished and move-in ready.

The most challenging thing for most when getting started on a renovation is to decide whether they need a contractor or designer to manage the budget, design and keeping everything on track or whether they are doing some parts of the renovation and management themselves.
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“People always believe designers are another line item on the bill, and this actually is not the case; designers are typically the ones who manage the project and determine how to start and how to proceed with the renovation.” 

~ Sam Regan

We wanted to be able to assist our clients by creating the Intelligent Design Renovation Guide. The Renovation Guide is combined with the Design   Audit to help our clients think and organize their thoughts about aesthetics and the scope of the project you are about to undertake. Check out the       Intelligent Design Renovation Guide today.

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3 views of completed kitchen renovation long marble countertop with bench seating

3D designs are a fantastic way to try it before you buy it so to speak and to experience what space can really do for you before investing.

Mood boards can really help put together in interior design since it is important to incorporate different materials and textures as well as colours into the result. What do you like shopping or not this is always a fun part of the process when you can actually touch and feel the direction your interior design is taking.


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For clients that are not as detail-oriented, or are just interested in a floorplan and a basic set of drawings, it’s usually all that’s needed. It’s a good starting point for our client’s space planning. That’s not just for where the walls and furniture are located, but also important to see how one space will work with another.

Part of an “Intelligent Design” is making sure do you have enough light and the right type of light in your electrical plan. A lot of renovators spend tons of time planning and making beautiful homes just to realize there is not enough lighting, plugs and switches in the right places. This can be frustrating and unnecessary that’s why we take care of this in the beginning.

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Hiring a professional contractor who provides a quality service should be similar to that of a professional service from an accountant or a lawyer. If you didn’t trust that your lawyer had your best interest in mind you wouldn’t hire them, this is the same thing for your contractor. I strongly believe that if you think your project is going to take six months and the warranty offered by your contractor is two years, you should be excited for the next 2 1/2 years working with this professional or find someone else. When you trust that your contractor has your best interest in the forefront of their mind, you’ll be more excited to get started and you’ll love your renovation process.

Our construction process is seamless.

We are providing answers and solutions, not problems.

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