Mood boards can help put together interior design since it is important to incorporate different materials, textures, and colours into the result. What do you like shopping or not? This is always a fun part of the process when you can actually touch and feel the direction your interior design is taking.

Design Styles Sample Display


Architectural floor plan of a residential house featuring labeled rooms, furniture layout, and measurements.

Floorplans are a great opportunity for clients to see the potential of their space from a bird’s eye view and to compare the revisions on their new floor plan to existing floorplans. It also helps them visualize the furniture spacing that they may not be able to visualize without a floorplan.


2D’s are a great opportunity for clients to get a better visual than they would get in a floorplan. It is most used to show elevation of cabinetry or any wall details like tile designs and other features.

Architectural kitchen design blueprints showing floor plan, elevation views, and layout details.


3d rendering of a kitchen interior design with wood cabinets and marble countertops.

3D designs are a common request for clients that want the as seen on tv experience as well as those who have trouble visualizing concepts. 3D’s are a great opportunity to show colours and textures that would otherwise not be an option.


Realistic 3Ds are most commonly for someone looking for a step above a regular 3D and can sometimes be used in a sale setting as well as a great way to help get buy-in when you have in-laws helping to pay for your renovation. Hahaha. Realistic 3D, like regular 3Ds, can be a great way to see and help visualize the space. It can help you immerse yourself in the new space like a photo.

3 views of completed kitchen renovation long marble countertop with bench seating


renovation planning concept man drafting building plans

Hiring a professional contractor who provides a quality service should be similar to that of a professional service from an accountant or a lawyer. If you didn’t trust that your lawyer had your best interest in mind, you wouldn’t hire them, this is the same thing for your contractor. I strongly believe that if you think your project is going to take six months and the warranty offered by your contractor is two years, you should be excited for the next 2 1/2 years working with this professional or finding someone else. When you trust that your contractor has your best interest in the forefront of their mind, you’ll be more excited to get started, and you’ll love your renovation process.

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