Essential Bathroom Tips Part 1

bathroom with bathtub and shower combination

Use these essential bathroom remodeling tips to bring your bathroom to life!

bath and shower combination with grey and white tile and wood grain ceramic tile

Consider these essential bathroom tips in your next renovation. Bathroom renovations are trendy and offer the chance to update the design, add more storage, and increase functionality, not to mention they can add value to your home.  In part one of a two-part blog, we will discuss how you can get the most out of your bathroom remodel by considering these essential bathroom tips: maximizing storage, keeping moisture out, using natural elements, big tiles, colour, accent pieces, and mirrors.

Maximizing Storage is Essential

maximize storage Curbed shower with large tiles, grab bars and vanity and large medicine cabinet


Maximizing storage with cabinets, wall hooks, towel bars, and shower niches.

One of the best bathroom tips is, if you are going to remodel, then maximize your storage space because everyone needs more space. Use built-in cabinets that go floor to ceiling for getting the most storage. Also, select a vanity size that works with the area and add an internal shelf for additional storage.  Install a series of floating shelves for extra storage and add décor baskets to complete the look. Wall hooks are a great way to provide more storage; add them to the back of the doors or add a nice collection of hooks on an open area of wall space. Towel bars are great too! Wall niches and shelving in showers are another popular and practical feature right now.

Zap that Moisture

bathroom remodeling tip - ceiling showing crown moulding, chandelier and exhaust fan


Using a high-quality exhaust fan is key to getting rid of moisture.

One of the most essential bathroom tips is proper ventilation. Ventilation is key to a well-functioning bathroom, and airflow is critical to getting rid of moisture. It is vital to have a high-quality exhaust fan. All that moisture generated needs to be adequately ventilated to the outside. In multi-unit buildings, like condos, ventilation for both the bathroom and the kitchen run vertically from the ceiling to the outside. When you combine a good ventilation system and waterproof and mould resistant materials, you protect your new investment, ensuring that it will be free from water damage for years to come.

Plants Bring Nature Inside

Plants and natural elements are a great addition to any room but are particularly effective in a bathroom. They have a unique way of making a room feel more inviting and sophisticated, even spa-like. Potted plants, like succulents or air plants in a shower area, are great examples. A live wall is another unique way to bring nature into your room. Plants bring in natural elements and help improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Big Tiles are a New Trend

bathroom remodeling tip - big black matte tiles make small spaces appear larger


Big tiles are becoming very popular, with fewer grout lines make a small space appear bigger.

When looking for tiles for a bathroom, you have a couple of options, ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl planks. Porcelain tiles are the best choice for bathroom projects. They are strong, durable, easy to clean, and have a low absorption rate. Plus, the choices of colors, style, and sizes are endless – you can even purchase tiles that mimic wooden planks. Tiling the entire bathroom is another great option. It creates a clean, seamless look and is excellent when doing a curbless or wet bath area. Using extra big tiles is a great design feature, as it can make a small bathroom appear much bigger. Our best-selling tile has a matte finish, which significantly reduces the slip factor and is ideal for shower floors.


Don’t be afraid of colour, however, dark colors can make a room feel smaller.  Use white or light-colored walls when renovating a bathroom and keep the ceiling off-white or white to create a clean and modern look. Pastels and earth tones are great colour options too. If you choose to use a bright colour, perhaps consider just doing one accent wall for impact.

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Accent Pieces

bathroom remodeling tip - colourful custom ceramic sink


Show your personality with a colourful custom ceramic sink


If you are lucky enough to have a big bathroom, consider a decorative chair or bench, or cupboard as a design element. A bench or chair can be a focal point as well as functional. A unique cabinet is great for extra storage of towels or other bathroom essentials. An accent piece, like a custom ceramic sink can show off your personality and bring a wow factor too!

Mirrors Create Illusions

A bathroom is not complete without a functional mirror but adding several mirrors can create the illusion of a bigger space and reflect light to brighten the environment. Don’t forget adding a mirror to the back of a door is still a practical solution. Frameless mirrors make the space look bigger and provide a clean, modern feel. However, you can also opt for two separate mirrors over a large two-sink vanity for more impact.

bathroom remodeling tip - double vanity with mirrors and lighting


Double mirrors add symmetry and impact to this double vanity.

There are many design elements to consider when remodelling your bathroom. Consider using any or all of these essential bathroom tips to bring your next bathroom renovation to life. Stay tuned for part two!