Make a ‘living’ space Your Own

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In 2020 we were locked up in our homes most of the time – no wonder it profoundly influences us. Compare to previous years, the time people are spending at their homes doubled or tripled at least for some of us. Because of that, the impact of our living conditions boosts exponentially and most of you folks start to wonder if you need some changes.

Here's the answer (if the question occurs in your mind) - it does!


One of the professors at the College of Wooster – Susan Clayton who has studied environmental psychology says that for many of us our homes are part of our self-definition. And that is the reason why we decorate and modify our houses to our taste. Our home is meant to reflect ourselves. It is in human nature to be in the right place, but also be unique.

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What you need to ask yourself before planning your space


First, consider which activities are you involved in most frequently at home. Do you cook a lot or order delivery only? Are you working from home? Do you need a quiet space or are you always working from your comfy couch? Do you like to have friends over for dinner or throw parties every week?

All these questions will help you determine which exact space you need – not more or less. Cause having too much space brings problems to the table too, such as cleaning. And I believe no one wants their home to be messy. Even though it sometimes does, but it happens because of the wrong utilization of the place that you have.

After you figure out what exactly do you need, you will not necessarily know how to implement it. Here a designer comes to rescue you.


To design a house, it doesn’t mean only to pick up colours and textiles, which is just the cherry on the cake. The real process starts from acknowledging your habits and lifestyle to be able to design your home specifically for you and your family’s needs. The interior designer will find a way to give a husband a corner to play video games or exercise; for a wife to fit her wardrobe into the closet where she won’t search for her favourite piece through the pile of other stuff; for the kids to build the fortress without ruining the house.

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Your home renovation (adaptation) – it is an investment in your future


Multiple researchers discover connections between the environment and our health, well-being and future performance in their studies. And a huge chunk of our environment is our homes where we are spending pretty much most of our time nowadays. Hence, the interior of the house influences directly our mental health, motivation and everyday performance.

Have you ever woken up, then look around and be grateful that you are living in a space where everything is reflecting you and your preferences? (I do) If you don’t – you might want to change it, so that, as even the rainiest morning will be pleasant for you. Consequently, your good mood will manifest the best moments and things in your life.

Keep your home and your mind clear


I can’t work when my home is dirty. I am a big believer, if you first clean the mess, then you can deal with your tasks much faster and hence, you will compensate time for the cleaning. If you clear your physical and mental space, you can conquer this world.

Moreover, if you put the stuff into the right places from the beginning, it will make it easier to maintain order in the future. Constructing suitable spaces in a house – eliminates the necessity of reordering, piling and then cleaning them all the time.

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Be a happy person design your space with professionals)