Why You Need to Hire a General Contracting Team

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With the home shows in full swing, homeowners are getting excited about their home renovations, room refreshes, and décor updates. Many homeowners think they can do it themselves, and yes, it is possible, especially if you are knowledgeable and skilled. However, suppose you are considering a large-scale renovation. You probably will require some help and guidance, so I highly recommend hiring a team of professionals led by an experienced general contractor to do the job for you, like the team at Intelligent Design.


So why should you hire a general contractor for your next renovation project?


A General Contractor is the Lead Project Manager


A general contractor is the project manager, who oversees all aspects of a home or commercial building renovation or remodeling project. A general contractor’s responsibilities include obtaining work permits, coordinating supply deliveries, and employing and arranging subcontractors such as electricians, carpenters, and plumbers. That all sounds like an enormous task, and it is, which is why hiring a general contractor to accomplish it all for you is a good choice. 


Not hiring a general contractor can save you money, but to me, it’s a mistake unless you have lots of experience and extra time on your hands.



How Important are Permits?

Kitchen Renovation In Progress
Your GC will ensure all the necessary permits are issued.


Permits are essential and keep you safe. Most substantial repairs, such as changing structural walls, plumbing systems, installing new windows, or upgrading electrical systems, require a building permit.


Each municipality in the GTA has its own set of rules. I advise you always check with your local building authority on what you need to know based on the scope of your renovation project (that includes inside and outside your home). If you start work without one, you could face stop-work orders due to non-compliance, safety issues, and fines, costing you more money and time.


A general contractor will handle all of this for you. Still, it is essential to confirm this at the consultation stage, as it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that permits are issued.



Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

Home Layout Design
An interior designer can reconfigure a space to maximize functionality and flow.


Hiring an interior designer has several advantages. A good general contractor will have learned a lot about the design process over the years, but they aren’t designers, and they may not have the knowledge to assist you with a specific style or look.


They frequently take over from where architects or general contractors left off, assisting you with room layouts (particularly in the kitchen and bathroom), space planning, and storage design.



Interior Design Section Drawings
3D concept drawing of an open layout featuring a home office, dining room, and living space.


They can also assist with cosmetic decisions and guide you in creating the space you envision, choosing crown moulding, cabinetry, paint colours, fabrics, etc. It can get quite overwhelming, trying to make all those decision on your own.


A significant amount of your renovation budget will go to finishes, fixtures, and décor, so you want to make the right decisions. An interior designer will spend time with you, considering your preferences, lifestyle, and what would best suit your vision.


In most cases, general contractors have a team of designer contacts as part of the renovation team, at Intelligent Design they are an integral part of the team.


Access to Sub-trades and Contacts

Flooring Applying Grout On Tile
A General Contractor will hire the sub-trades as required for your renovation.


An experienced contractor has a vast amount of building knowledge and a list of contacts that include sub-trades and suppliers, like plumbers, electricians, tilers, and structural engineers and architects. A general contractor brings the knowledge to the table and, through experience, has done the legwork for you. It also means those subcontractors and suppliers are reliable and do quality work.


General Contractor's Offer Peace of Mind


All construction and renovation projects require adequate liability and workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance protects both the customer and the contractor. As a homeowner, you need to be informed about the types of insurance you’ll need during the construction process, and it’s a good idea to call your insurance agent to double-check what your policy covers. They also double-check that workers’ compensation covers all subcontractors. Reputable contractors will provide a warranty on their work and ensure that you are delighted with the end product. 


Get it in Writing and Have a Contract

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No matter how small the project is, always have a contract.


Every project should have a formal contract and should include the job descriptions, start and finish dates, materials, and budget. It is in your best interest to have all the details documented, no matter how small the job is. The contract protects both the contracting company and the client and should include any details of dispute resolution if difficulties arise.


Hire the Right Team


When it comes to home renovation tasks, time is money. DIYers often make costly mistakes and must get professionals to make repairs or corrections. Hiring a general contractor can help you save both time and money.


Aside from keeping an eye on your budget as a homeowner, you can benefit from a general contractor’s previous expertise in managing and completing numerous projects, access to the best materials and people and handling of all the permits and insurance requirements.


So, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the results.


While you may be unclear about handling your multi-stage renovation project, you’ll be in good hands with our experienced team at Intelligent Design and you can rest easy with our 2-year peace of mind warranty. Our team is with you every step, ensuring a smooth process because you deserve a home renovation with an Intelligent Design.