What is the cost of a renovation?​

  • Every renovation is unique. Our staff will set a rough budget based on comparable scopes then we start the design to determine the real cost.

Does it cost more to hire a design firm?

  • In the beginning, the price may be higher but the cost of hiring a regular contractor who is disorganized and ill-equipped to handle all your design needs is much higher in both money and time.

Do you do free quotes?

  • Custom renovation projects need more details so we don’t use free quotes.

Do you subcontract out work?

  • Yes, we curate our team based on the changing needs of our clients so sub-trades help us do this seamlessly

Do I really need a design?

  • Yes, every project starts out better and more organized with a design.

Can I purchase my own materials?

  • Yes, clients can supply their own materials but we suggest you let us supply everything so we can guarantee the project end to end.

Can we stay in the house during the renovation?

  • Yes, we structure the projects to accommodate clients living through the renovation.

How many quotes should I get?

  • You should get enough to feel that you found the right company to work with. For some people, one quote is enough, and for others 3 is better.

How do the design rebates work?

  • Design is a cost associated with the projects we build. Any design fees paid towards a design contract will be rebated or a portion will be rebated against the first payment toward the corresponding renovation contract

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