Best Kitchen Layouts

U-shaped kitchen layout

One of the most important aspects of any renovation is the design stage. The more thought put into the design and planning, the better the outcome for a successful, stress-free renovation.

An essential factor to consider is moving within the space while cooking, cleaning, or entertaining. This is particularly relevant when designing a kitchen layout. The fundamental design principle here is the kitchen triangle – with the stove, refrigerator, and sink near each other, creating a triangular space that allows you to move seamlessly between the three areas for an optimal kitchen experience. The kitchen should also have sufficient space for two people to cook next to each other without getting in each other’s way. If you have enough space, try to include an island as this provides a multi-functional element to your kitchen and can be an area for guests, food prep, a breakfast bar, or studying and homework. In all kitchen designs, it’s important to maximize storage space with cupboards, drawers, and shelving and ensure you have workable counter space.

What are the best kitchen layouts? That depends on how much space you have and your budget. However, even the smallest kitchen can be functional.

Here are 6 of the most common kitchen layouts.

One Wall/Line Kitchen

This kitchen takes up one wall of the space and is typically found in open concept studio apartments or small condos. All appliances, sink, and countertops are along one wall, and, in some cases, it may be practical to use a compact size sink and appliances to provide more counter space.

Concept drawing of one wall or line kitchen

Galley Kitchen

This consists of two walls parallel to each other and is typically narrow, which can be a challenge with two people in the kitchen simultaneously. Make sure to leave sufficient space to pull out drawers and open cupboard doors. When space allows for it – you can max out storage by having a wall of cabinets, in this case, the design triangle concept doesn’t apply as it is more functional to have a sink, fridge, and stove all along one wall.

Galley Kitchen RenderingGalley kitchen rendering

L-shape Kitchen

This is a typical layout and works in most spaces it provides freedom and flexibility. The area a corner cabinet occupies can be tricky to maximize the space. Try installing a carousel, so you can effectively utilize a good portion of the cupboard, and easily access otherwise hard-to-reach items. 

L-shape kitchen layoutL-shape kitchen layout

Horseshow/U-Shape Kitchen

The three sides of this design allow for more counter and cupboard space. Depending on the size of the kitchen, the stove, refrigerator, and sink can be installed on each side, but for larger layouts, this might not flow, so consider adding the sink and range on one side and leaving an entire side for counter space and storage. 

U-Shape Kitchen Layout DrawingU-shape kitchen layout drawings

U-shape kitchen layout with breakfast nookU-shape layout with a breakfast nook for added functionality.

Peninsula Kitchen

This design has a peninsula area that is often used as a breakfast area for food preparation or display. Sinks can be added but remember extra plumbing will be required, or alternatively, you can simply max out the storage space.

L-Shape layout with island and breakfast areaL-Shape layout with island and breakfast area

Island Kitchen

Everyone loves a kitchen island, and they are great, but it only makes sense if you have a large enough space. Adding an island to a one-wall kitchen is a great way to add more counter space. It can help define the space by acting as a divider with storage or a bar or breakfast niche. Islands can have a sink or a dishwasher, but remember, you will have to accommodate for plumbing and electrical. 

Line Kitchen with Large IslandLine Kitchen with Large Island

Line kitchen with multifunctional islandLine kitchen with multifunctional island

No matter what kitchen style you imagine, the Intelligent Design team can help you choose a layout to maximize space and functionality.  We ask all the right questions so we can design the best kitchen for your needs and budget. Call us today to find out how we can help