Simple DIYs around The House during Isolation

home renovation concept man drilling hole in 1 x 2

Well, we’re back to spring, and now the weather is finally giving us a break and hopefully here to stay.

It’s time for spring cleaning and of course my favourite part –  renovation time. What to do? What to do? The sweet smell of spring and covid 19 in the air.  

Some suppliers aren’t open, even more, or not open to the public and even some renovators aren’t answering the phone. “I’ve got plenty of time on my hands because I’m either not working or working from home these days. What DIY projects can I do around my own house?“ 

The best projects to do right now are projects that don’t require a lot of different materials from a lot of different suppliers.

This is a fantastic time to tackle the professional home office you’ve always wanted. Especially in a time where most of us are working from home using a kitchen chair and coffee table as our prized workstations. 

How about that under-utilized spare room?

Maybe you want to put in some carpet tile which is a super quick and inexpensive way to dampen the sound in your otherwise noisy room for all those conferences calls you’re doing these days.

I like carpet tile especially because you can get stickers to attach each of your rubber backed carpet tiles together so it becomes a large rug that can be easily removed and does not damage the floors. 

This is something everyone can do because you only need a measuring tape, a straight edge or level and a knife to install.

These can be easily purchased at a variety of places where you can have them delivered or pick them up in the colours shown on the website which will be pretty close to the colours in person. 

make shift home office
(Having a dedicated office can inspire efficiency and production)

Great Time to Paint

Painting is also a great idea even better if you have a colour palette you’d like to use and you don’t need to see the paint chips before you buy the paint.

We all have a box of painting stuff somewhere in the house and whether it’s touching up existing paint or repainting a room it’s a great DIY project because there’s only one supplier you need to go to. 

Tackle the ‘Honey Do’ List

This is also a perfect time to do the honey do list that we all have, like scrape out and re-silicone that nasty mouldy caulking on the counter or in the shower. Or change the lightbulbs that burnt out that you never got around to fixing. 

Lighting Upgrade

Maybe you want to upgrade your existing halogen, incandescent or fluorescent bulbs to LED for more efficiency and less maintenance. This is a  perfect time for a simple project like that. 

Outside Fence

What if you’re handier and you want to get some vitamin D, an awesome project to tackle is a fence. My fence in the backyard is just about to fall over and this is what I’m actually going to be doing next. If you have a big fence you can easily have a company come over maintaining a safe working distance, and dig the posts with a machine for you after you call for inground locates of course.

Whether you were digging with a shovel or a machine you must be in the front, back or side to always get locates. 

You definitely don’t want that responsibility when you hit something you didn’t think was there. You then can buy all your posts, fence boards,  2×4’s and nails or screws all at once through one supplier. Be sure to double-check if the company that does your fence posts will be supplying the concrete or whether you will need that as well. 

Look at you! You have a brand new fence to add curb appeal and of course a little bit of privacy to your yard. Now you can sit back and enjoy your beverage of choice thinking about how productive your quarantine has been.