Optimism is on Trend for 2022

add colour to kitchens for some optimism

It seems that most home renovation and design experts are choosing optimism as a theme for 2022 and we couldn’t agree more!


The demand for home renovations will continue to grow, which is great news. However, the challenges that we’ve been facing during the pandemic, like material shortages, supply chain delays, inflation, and labour shortages, will remain but we are hopeful (and optimistic) that everything will sort itself out by the end of the year.


So, what does the Intelligent Design team think is going to be hot this year?


Here are some of our predictions!

Kitchens to Become More Colourful

painted kitchen island creates a focal point
Consider painting your lower cabinets or kitchen island for a bold statement.

Many industry experts believe homeowners will be looking to bring some optimism to their spaces. This can be achieved by adding colour. All white and neutral kitchens have been on trend for several years, but we think a pop of colour will shake things up and bring a bold element. This is an opportunity for you to show your personality and yes, a bit of optimism. If you have a white kitchen, consider painting your lower kitchen cabinets – we love to suggest a bright blue, yellow, or earthy sage green. If you have a kitchen island, consider painting it to help create a focal point or if you are thinking about getting one, we can help you create the perfect kitchen island to fit your existing kitchen.

Consider painting your lower cabinets or kitchen island for a bold statement.

Vintage Furnishing is Hot!

Wooden Bar Stool Makeover
Upcycled barstools were a fantastic addition to our clients kitchen (see above!)

With the challenges in supply chains, logistics, and general inflation, we encourage our clients to think “vintage” – recycle, reuse, repurpose! Vintage and gently used furnishings are very hot right now. With all the sorting and rearranging within our homes over the past two years, there is a huge surplus of second-hand furnishings. Granted, many designers have known about second chance furnishings for a while now and transform them into new pieces with a fresh coat of paint, varnish, or new upholstery. But homeowners should consider using this as a resource too. There are many online stores with vintage offerings, like Marketplace. Plus, if you like what you see, you will be able to get it now – no 3 to 6 months of waiting for delivery.

Bathroom Drawers Vanit Design
This vintage chest of drawers beautifully converts into a unique bathroom vanity.

Colours for 2022

Very Peri Paint Swatches Brush
Very Peri, cool blues, soft greens and earthy tones - all colour choices for 2022

Every year, all the major paint companies and influencers launch their colours for the year, and this year includes an array of calming cool blues, soft greens, and earthy tones with the goal to bring nature, renewal, and growth inside our homes and add, yes, a bit of optimism.

However, the Pantone Institute, Colour of the Year is Very Peri – a vivid periwinkle hue that has been specially created for 2022. Perhaps, a bit bold for most, but it certainly speaks optimism, and when used as an accent colour will go nicely with earthy tones of taupe, creams, browns, and navy.

At Intelligent Design we have a talented creative team and network of professionals that are dedicated to working with you.  We will ensure that every step of your home renovation journey is done on time and on budget.

Give us a call if you need to inject a bit of optimism into home, with upgrades, room remodelling, or just want to discuss some ideas because you deserve a home renovation with an Intelligent Design.